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An exclusive first look

Grab the chance to be one of the first to try Smoofl's new treats with our Gift Box. Inside, you'll find tasty Cricket & Honey and Salmon & Algae Dog Pops, and creamy Caramel Mix for Dog Ice. It's more than just a box; it's a sneak peek into the exciting new treats we have in store.

Reusable Luxury

The Gift Box comes in a pretty reusable tin box. Once the treats are gone, you can use the tin box to store some of your dog's favorite things. It's a stylish way to keep things tidy and remember the special treats your dog enjoyed.

Share the excitement

This special box is our way of saying thanks for your support, giving you the first taste of new Smoofl delights. It's not just a box of treats, but an exclusive preview into fresh, yummy adventures you and your furry buddy will love. By being part of the Smoofl family, you're at the heart of exciting treat discoveries, making each moment a celebration of our shared journey.

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Meet the popular kids on the Smoofl playground

Discover what’s new with the Smoofl Gift Box! Inside, you’ll find our latest tasty treats: Cricket & Honey and Salmon & Algae Dog Pops, plus our creamy Caramel Mix for Dog Ice combined with a Medium ice mould. It’s not just any box; it’s a special sneak peek of our next big hits.

Our Gift Box isn’t only about the treats. It comes in a handy tin that you can reuse. Once your dog has enjoyed all the goodies, use the tin to store their favorite toys or treats. It’s a cool way to remember the fun treats they had.

We made this Gift Box to say ‘thanks’ to you. It’s our way of sharing the newest Smoofl creations with our biggest fans. With this box, you and your dog get to be the first to try and enjoy. Here’s to more great times with Smoofl!

Composition Creamy Caramel mix: rice powder (dried rice syrup, rice starch, rice flour) (54%), fructose, guar gum, cellulose powder, tapioca starch, caramelised sugar syrup (0,5%).

Composition sticks: tapioca starch, sweet potato starch, pea starch, cellulose, yeast powder, vegetable glycerine, calcium carbonate. Additives: preservatives.

Composition Salmon and Algae Pops: rice (89%), algae powder Chlorella Sorokiniana (6%), Norwegian salmon oil (4%), dill tips (0,5%), apple juice concentrate.

Composition Cricket and Honey Pops: rice (90%), Cricket powder (Acheta domestica) (6%), hemp seed oil, honey powder concentrate (1%).

Analytical constituents Creamy Caramel mix/Sticks/Salmon and Algae Pops/ Cricket and Honey Pops

  • crude protein: 0.79%/4.6%/9.07%/9.36%
  • crude fat: 0.41%/0.35%/5.42%/5.08%
  • crude fibers: 1.50%/4.00%/1.20%/1.40%
  • crude ash: 1.50%/4.00%/1.56%/1.44%
  • moisture: 3.30%/16.00%/4.40%/4.10%
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