Every Smoofl question you’ve had, answered right here to ensure your pet enjoys every bite to the fullest! If you have more queries, feel free to drop us an email—we’re here to help!

Health & Well-being

From what age can my dog have a Smoofl ice?

We recommend to let your sweetheart taste his first Smoofl ice treat from an age of 4 months.

For pups, we recommend the Smoofl Pup Ice.
For adults, choose the Smoofl Dog Ice.

From what age can my dog have a Smoofl pup ice?

We recommend to let your sweetheart taste his first Smoofl ice treat from an age of 4 months.

Can horses, cats,… also have some smoofl Ice?

All recipes are specially developed for dogs. We have seen videos of other animals enjoying a Smoofl treat, but that’s a decision we leave up to the owners in question. ????

Is Smoofl Dog Ice hypoallergenic?

Our Smoofl Mix for dog ice treats is grain, lactose and fat free so sensitive dogs can enjoy a Smoofl ice treat! You’ll find the ingredient list on each of the product pages on this website, so you can immediately see if your dog can Smoofl with gusto!

How many ice treats can my dog have?

As a general rule, we say: one ice treat a day, is the Smoofl way!
For a small dog (<10 kg), 1 Small ice treat is the perfect portion. For medium sized dogs (10-25 kg) choose the Medium mould and for large dogs (>25 kg) we recommend the Large size.

Your dog can get up to 10% of his daily calorie intake from treats. 1 Small ice treat contains as many calories as half a banana (31 kcal to be exact), so your sweetheart can Smoofl away!

Can dogs on a kidney diet eat Smoofl ice?

The Smoofl Mix for dog ice treats is developed for dogs in general. When dogs are on kidney diet, they need very specific food. Therefore, we advise you not to give your sweetheart any Smoofl ice treats.

How long can my dog eat the ice creams after I have made them?

Once you have made the Smoofl dog ice, ideally your dog eat them within 14 days of freezing them.


Are the edible sticks included?

Each pot of Smoofl mix contains 10 edible ice cream sticks. This way you’re all set to make our Smooflicious dog ice!

Are the Moulds dishwasher proof?

The Smoofl moulds are super practical in use. You’ll pop out your dog’s pupsicles easily and they are totally dishwasher proof. No mess, just fun!

Are the Moulds oven proof?

The Smoofl moulds are super practical in use. On top, they are oven proof and can be used up to 180°C!

Shopping & shipping

What's the minimum amount for free shipping?

Belgium – Netherlands: 45€

France (except Corsica) – Luxembourg – Spain mainland – Germany: 50€

Denmark (except Faroe Islands and Greenland) – Poland – Czech Republic – Austria – Italy – Slovakia – Lithuania – Ireland – Croatia – Hungary – Sweden: 75€

Latvia – Estonia – Slovenia – Portugal (except islands) – Finland – Romania – Bulgaria: 100€

Greece – Malta: 125€

What countries do you ship to?

Smoofl ships to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep., Denmark (excl. Faeroe islands and Greenland), Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal (excl. Islands), Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain Mainland, Sweden, The Netherlands. The shipping costs will be calculated automatically when you fill out your address during the checkout. Is your country not in the list? Contact us and we will get back to you with the options.

Can I cancel my order?

As long as your order has not been passed on to our warehouse, we can cancel it. Afterwards, we cannot cancel it. Please send us an email and we will see what is possible.

How long is the delivery time?

We will ship your order within a maximum of 3 working days after you placed it. How long your package will be on the road after that depends on both your address and the speed of the parcel delivery service. Under normal circumstances, you may assume: Belgium & Netherlands: delivery within 2 working days after shipment. Western Europe: delivery within 4 working days after shipment. Southern & Eastern Europe: delivery within 7 working days after shipment Outside the EU: currently not delivering Are you looking forward to your Smoofl package? We totally understand, that’s why you will receive a tracking link from us so you can follow up your package at any time.

Help, I didn't receive a tracking link!

We automatically send an e-mail with tracking number the moment your parcel leaves our warehouse. During weekends or extremely busy periods it may take a few days before you receive the e-mail. We will send it to the email address you provided with your order. Make sure to check the spam folder of your inbox. Depending on the settings of your mailbox, the e-mail might end up there.

I didn't receive any confirmation e-mail

Sometimes the confirmation email ends up in your spam folder. Could you please check this? If the mail is not in your spam folder, please let us know!
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