Hi there! We’re Tineke, David & Bacchus; Smoofl’s founding family. From Belgium, we’re bringing unique treats to dog inclusive families over the whole world. If you don’t know about us, let us tell you our story.

Family is where we found the spark to create Smoofl’s amazing dog treats. Back in 2018, just two years after we welcomed our adorable Bacchus into our family, we, set out on our exciting journey. It all started with our deep love for our furry family member and a simple desire to share happiness with dog inclusive families everywhere. That’s when Smoofl came to life. Our vision was clear: create treats that went beyond the ordinary, turning each dog snack into a chance to make lasting memories.


At the heart of our Smoofl story lies a belief that treats are more than just snacks; they’re opportunities to create shared moments. We put quality first, using ingredients that are of human grade and crafting our treats to be low in calories. But there’s more to our story. Every Smoofl product is handmade in our workshop right here in Belgium. We take immense pride in the fact that our workshop employs people with disabilities, making it a tale of dedication and craftsmanship.

By choosing Smoofl, you’re not just treating your furry friend; you’re contributing to this heartwarming story of inclusion and empowerment.


Our journey is all about innovation, quality, and deep respect for the bond between dogs and their families. Smoofl treats, born in Brussels, have reached 23 countries and are available in nearly 1000 stores across Europe and beyond. This international success reflects our unwavering commitment to crafting top-notch treats. Join us on this adventure, where Smoofl treats bring happiness to ‘dog-inclusive families’ worldwide.

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