Salmon & Algae

Dog Pops

✔️ Rice-based, low fat treat
✔️ Handcrafted in Belgium
✔️ Local, eco-friendly ingredients
✔️ With Omega 3
✔️ Recyclable packaging

Product highlights
full of omega 3
low calorie
healthy for skin & coat
recyclable packaging

Handmade Goodness

Smoofl's Dog Pops are made by hand in our small workshop in Belgium. Each pop is crafted to bring a special treat time for you and your dog. It's not just a snack, it's a little piece of art for your furry friend to enjoy.

Surprising Ingredients

Dog Pops come with some exciting and healthy ingredients like cricket meal, freshwater algae, and local mushrooms. They are made mainly from rice, making them a low-fat snack. It's a fun and healthy way to surprise your dog at treat time.


We care about the planet as much as we care about your dog. That’s why Dog Pops are packed in fully recyclable packaging. We also use locally sourced ingredients to make sure each treat is as kind to Earth as it is to your pup.

Best sellers

Meet the popular kids on the Smoofl playground

Introducing Smoofl’s Salmon and Algae Pops, a straightforward approach to dog treats where quality meets purpose. Each pop emerges from our small workshop in Belgium, crafted meticulously by hand to ensure that treat time becomes a moment of shared joy between you and your dog.

The blend of salmon oil provides a source of omega 3, while the freshwater algae can be beneficial for your dog’s skin and coat. With rice as the main ingredient, these pops are a low-fat snack option that doesn’t compromise on taste.

But our commitment goes beyond just the treat itself. We’ve taken care to package our Dog Pops in recyclable material, aligning with our eco-friendly ethos. We prioritize using locally sourced ingredients, aiming for a treat that’s mindful of both your dog’s health and the environment.

With the Salmon and Algae Pops, Smoofl offers a balanced blend of taste and nutrition, all while keeping sustainability in the mix.

Composition: rice (89%), algae powder Chlorella Sorokiniana (6%), Norwegian salmon oil (4%), dill tips (0,5%), apple juice concentrate.

Analytical constituents

  • crude protein: 9.07%
  • crude fat: 5.42%
  • crude fibers: 1.20%
  • crude ash: 1.56%
  • moisture: 4.40%
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