Starter Kit

Mix for dog ice

Each Starter Kit includes everything you need to make Smoofl dog ice: our 2 best selling flavours Strawberry and Peanut Butter, 20 chew sticks and a mould.

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2 Best selling flavours

Begin a fun treat adventure for your furry friend with the Smoofl Starter Kit for dog ice. Each kit brings together our two best-selling flavours, strawberry and peanut butter, for a tasty variety your dog will love.

Everything you need

The starter kit is an all-in-one set to easily make yummy ice popsicles at home. On top of our Strawberry and Peanut Butter ice mixes, they include edible sticks and a Smoofl mould. You'll make more than just a treat; a Smoofl starter kit is the start of many happy treat times.

Choose your size

Every dog is unique, and Smoofl Starter Kits celebrate this uniqueness by offering four different sizes (XS, S, M, L) to suit your dog perfectly. Whether you have a petite poodle or a large labrador, the Smoofl mould included in the kit ensures that the ice treats are just the right size for your furry friend.

Best sellers

Meet the popular kids on the Smoofl playground

The Starter Kit for Dog Ice has everything you need for a pawtastic moment of quality time with your dog!

Composition Strawberry mix: fructose, maltodextrin, cellulose powder, tapioca starch, strawberry concentrate (0.4%), red beet concentrate.

Composition Peanut Butter mix: fructose, maltodextrin, cellulose powder, tapioca starch, caramelised sugar syrup. Additives: peanut butter flavour.

Composition sticks: tapioca starch, sweet potato starch, pea starch, cellulose, yeast powder, vegetable glycerine, calcium carbonate. Additives: preservatives.

Analytical constituents Sticks / Strawberry mix / Peanut Butter mix

  • crude protein: 4.6%/0.36%/0.36%
  • crude fat: 0.30%/0.20%/0.20%
  • crude fibers: 4.00%/0.30%/0.30%
  • crude ash: 4.00%/0.08%/0.09%
  • moisture: 16.00%/4.00%/4.40%
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