Ice mould

Use the pawshaped Smoofl Moulds to make your Smoofl Dog Ice even more Smooflicious! There’s a size for every furriend.

Product highlights
easy to use
dishwasher proof
patented design
oven proof

Patented Design by David

Discover the brilliance of Smoofl moulds, a patented design meticulously crafted by David. Unlike traditional silicone moulds, the Smoofl mould features a unique 'silicone mat' design with cavities on top, making transportation to the freezer a breeze. This innovative design not only adds a touch of exclusivity to your dog treat-making routine but also epitomizes the blend of creativity and functionality, making treat time an enjoyable affair.

Easy Demoulding

The deliberate 'slit' in the upstanding wall of each cavity in the Smoofl moulds is a game-changer for demoulding. With a gentle push, the frozen treat pops out ready to be Smoofled, retaining its pawfect shape. This feature eliminates the common struggle with sticky moulds, ensuring a flawless demoulding experience every time.

Perfect portion

Each Smoofl mould is crafted to hold exactly one portion of Smoofl mix, ensuring a perfect fit and easy preparation. This smart design takes the guesswork out of treat-making, letting you create perfect treats every time. And with the added advantage of being dishwasher safe, cleanup is just as effortless as preparation.

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