Presenting Smoofl

“Let’s Smoofl, my friend” 

Smoofl is new Belgian brand of highest quality dog treats.

Discover our delicious range of traditionally oven baked cookies made of high quality mono protein meat. These healthy snacks are grain and gluten free, contain no sugar or additives and are not extruded which means they are easier to digest.

Come over to find out more on the health benefits of ovenbaked snacks or talk to us about becoming a reseller.


Discover Smoofl


These natural Smoofl dog treats are oven baked
in the tradition of Alpine shepherds…

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Baking Mix

At Smoofl we believe in that pinch of love
you add when you bake your own dog treats..

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Fruits & Veggies 

A snack tastes so much better
if you can share it with your best friend…

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The Smoofl Story

The idea behind Smoofl started when Tineke was searching  a christmas present for her dogmom sister-in-law.  Online she discovered a whole new world of fun loving dog-related products, people and of course their pets!

At that time Tineke was renting an apartment and wasn’t allowed to keep a dog, but she sure was inspired to be part of this wonderful pet parent culture. As a compromise she and her partner David started a hobby project, selling custom 3D printed dog-shaped cookie cutters online to customers worldwide. Soon a blog with healthy and dog-friendly recipes followed. And while researching her recipes Tineke learned about the many health benefits fruits and vegetables have to offer to canines.

When they bought their own house, Tineke’s dream of having a dog of her own became real when Bacchus, a male Brussels Griffon, came to live with them. At that time both dog parents decided to quit their 3D printing hobby and take the knowhow they had gathered on allergene free ingredients, dog friendly veggies and different baking techniques to start up a company.

They called the company Smoofl, inspired by “smoefelen”  being Tineke’s hometown dialect and meaning as much as “enjoying what you eat”. Especially David enjoys seeing little Bacchus smoofl on a home baked treat or a traditionally oven-baked treat. And this is exactly the feeling that Smoofl is all about; sharing and enjoying those special moments you have with your best furry friend!

Let’s Smoofl my friend!


Where to find Smoofl

We are in the exciting start-up phase of Smoofl. Our products will be available on April 15th 2017.

Glad you are interested in our products! Want to become a reseller? Email us via the contact form, indicate you are a reseller and let’s talk business.

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