Presenting Smoofl

Smoofl is a new Belgian brand of high quality dog treats.

“Let’s Smoofl, my friend” , is our delicious mantra.

It means “enjoy what you eat, my furry friend”.


All Natural Quality Snacks!

Our ingredient list is short, because our recipes are pure and free of additives. At Smoofl we say no to taste enhancers, sugars and added fats. Our ingredients are natural and we find them as close to home as we can. We are proud that our products are delicious and honest at the same time.

Our delicious goodies


These natural Smoofl dog treats are oven baked in the tradition of Alpine shepherds…

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Baking Mix

At Smoofl we believe in that pinch of love you add when you bake your own dog treats..

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We are Smoofl

Smoofl was started by pet parents Tineke & David together with their Brussels Griffon named Bacchus.

It is inspired by Tineke’s hometown dialect “smoefelen”  which means “enjoying what you eat”. Especially David enjoys seeing little Bacchus smoofl on a home baked treat.

Smoofl is all about sharing and enjoying those special moments with your best furry friend!


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