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✔️ Ready in 60 seconds

Just add water, stir and freeze

✔️ As many calories as ½ 🍌

One ice treat a day, is A-OK!

Smoofl mix for dog ice cream
As many calories as half a banana

With the Smoofl mix you’ll make a refreshing treat for your furry friend in no time. A Smoofl ice treat is more than just a delicious dog snack: it’s a bonding moment. Because you hold the ice treat while your dog licks it, you’ll enjoy it too.

One pot of Smoofl mix will make 12 super cute ice treats in the shape of a dog’s paw. The Smoofl mix comes in 6 different flavours: peanut butter, watermelon, coconut, strawberry, apricot and pineapple. So there’s a special treat for every dog! Moreover, one ice cream contains as many calories as half a banana and is grain, lactose and fat free.